Typhoon Haiyan Releif Project

November 15, 2013
OK guys, I have this shirt print project with Paintline T-Shirt Printing a couple of months ago, way before we knew about Typhoon Haiyan. This is supposed to be a personal shirts for me and my family but I thought this would be one of the best way I can share to help the typhoon victims.

I got inspired by some of my fellow illustrators and designers not only Filipinos but from all over the world. They give what they can using their talent and motivate others to help and support the Philippines.

I am selling these shirts for P1,000 each regardless of the size. It’s a bit pricey because this is for a cause. The shirt material is a brand new authentic Giordano, the silk screen print production and shipping is from Paintline Davao to Bacolod. You’re not only getting a top quality print and material, you’ll also feel good wearing a shirt that helped support the typhoon victims.

100% of the total amount raised will be used to purchase relief goods and will turn-over the goods to a trusted service institution. We’ve already sent 2 batch of relief goods to ABS-CBN, so most likely them or other local institution that focuses their relief effort in the affected areas of Northern Negros Occidental.

For transparency, I will be posting below the thread the names of shirt buyer if it’s fine with them and an updated the list of remaining available shirt once confirmed. I will also be posting a receipt and photo of the relief goods, again, for the sake of transparency.


In less than 48 hours, all shirts are SOLD OUT! Thanks to all who supported this project. We’ve raised an amount of P15,000.00 for all the shirts + P1,000 pledge from Lee E. Santiago. The whole P16,000 will aid to buy relief goods and medicines then turn over to Negrense Volunteers for Change.


John Dennis Tagudena, Junjet Jaranilla Trasmonte Peper Pascual, Ed Humphrey Evangelista Lazaleta, @avajoy.lucesinfante, @grace, @migo, @Lee and Kier, thank you very much for the support in this project. May God continue to bless you as you continue to be a blessing to others.