Boy Pick-up!

Who would have thought that this sketch will be in a movie?

Boy Pick-Up is a segment from a local sketch comedy tv show in the Philippines, Bubble Gang. It is an underground pick-up battle in the name of love. Cheesy! Pikapistas lines up to use pick-up lines as their weapon to woo the gorgeous Neneg B (Sam Pinto).


The sketch was created right after watching Boy Pick-up on TV, Friday, 11pm at my most busiest schedule with all the projects pending. I needed some time to exercise my creativity without thinking of anything. It’s like sharpening the pencil first before going further with the sketch.


I didn’t know that the mascot illustration was used ’til I saw it on TV. Their production designer called me and discussed if they could use it on the movie in exchange for an honorarium and credits on the screen. Well, since I like Boy Pick-Up that much, I agreed rightaway, although a date with Gwen Zamora or Neneng B. (Sam Pinto) would be a perfect trade! Boom!

Ogie Alcasid as Boy Pick himself!

I saw the movie. It was super fun and I really enjoyed watching it. Seeing my work on screen, ehem, cinema screen for the first time is really exciting for me and i’m proud that the mascot illustration has gone morethan what I’ve expected.

Here’s one preview clip from Boy Pick-Up the Movie:
Boy Pick-Up (ogiealcasid) and Angel (Solen Heussaf) with the mascot

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